HistoryDirector: Nobuhito Hayashimoto

The ICLAS Monitoring Center promotes the quality of genetic and microbiological control of laboratory animals and is the only center certified by the ICLAS since 1979.


In our efforts to improve the quality of genetic and microbiological control of laboratory animals, we perform the following:

1. Testing and consultation for animal monitoring

We accept orders from laboratory animal facilities in Japan and overseas and perform highly reliable genetic and microbial testing. We also provide consultation on our test results.

2. Production and distribution of standard reagents

We produce and distribute test reagents for in-house monitoring at each facility.

3. Development and improvement of monitoring techniques

We develop and improve monitoring techniques and test kits to meet the needs of each facility.

4. Educational programs and workshops

We promote monitoring by offering technology workshops and lectures and accept trainees from universities and pharmaceutical companies in Japan and overseas.


The goal of monitoring the quality of laboratory animals (hereafter, "monitoring") is to verify that the genetic and microbiological control of animals are maintained throughout the experiment.
   For microbial monitoring, customers predetermine several pathogens at each animal facility and routinely screen for these pathogens to ensure that the facility is free of contamination.
   In the field of laboratory animal science, research causing the animals to exhibit abnormal behavior and epidemiological studies are carried out.
   However, research performed for quality control purposes is nothing more than monitoring.