Information on the Bacterial Identification tests In ICLAS MC (BIIIM)

 The BIIIM (bacterial identification tests in ICLAS Monitoring Center) is a test panel for bacterial identification.
The basic set is a panel using classical methods including Gram staining, oxidase test, catalase test and biochemical tests.
The standard set is a more accurate panel using a molecular method, 16S rDNA sequencing, in addition of basic set.
 Single test item and sequencing of housekeeping genes are available upon requests of clients as optional items.
Bacterial identification from tissue samples except for human is also available upon requests.

Set items Test items
Oxidase/ Catalase
16S rDNA sequencing
(Single strand)

※The sample is identified in biochemical tests using commercially available kits.
Because of this, if a profile index is similar between the sample and a microbe in the database, that particular species will be identified even if it is not the actual species.
※Each set item is available in both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

Optional items

- 16S rDNA sequencing (single or double strands)
- Internal transcribed spacer (ITS) or 28S rDNA sequencing for fungi and yeast
- Housekeeping gene sequencing (additional item of the standard set)
- Bacterial isolation from the samples (aerobic or anaerobic condition)


A pure-cultured isolates on agar media.