Three strategies for enhancing customer satisfaction and reliable checking

1. Checking systems in compliance with regulations

1) Compliance with the Law for the Humane Treatment and Management of Animals and the Basic Policies for Animal Experiments

   We offer checking menus considering requests of customers. At the beginning of each fiscal year, we prepare an overall animal experiment protocol for checking in which we predict the number of animals to be checked during the year and request the IACUC to review it. Severity of pain in animals caused by procedures, alleviation of pain and humane endpoints are also reviewed by the IACUC. With approval of the CIEA Director, we start checking.

2) Compliance with the Cartagena Protocol

   We perform microbiological checking of genetically modified animals in compliance with the Law and Ministerial Ordinance established in accordance with the Cartagena Protocol. Confidentiality concerning information related to genetic engineering is maintained in accordance with the Law and Ordinance.

2. Self-evaluation of the accuracy of checking

1) Utilization of the ICLAS self-evaluation system

   We have joined the ICLAS Performance Evaluation Program in which ICLAS sends us unknown checking samples for self-evaluation of the sensitivity and specificity of our checking methods. Since 1979, CIEA has assumed leadership in the ICLAS Monitoring Center System Program.

2) Publication in scientific journals and presentations at scientific meetings

   All scientific comments given by reviewers and participants are brought back to our laboratory. We make efforts to reflect international and national information to improve checking methods and to develop new checking items including emerging pathogens.

3. Outside verification of checking systems

1) Accreditation by ISO for QMS9001:2008

   Our quality management for checking was verified by ISO in 2006 and we achieved an internationally standardized quality control system.

2) Peer-review by the Operation Review Committee for the ICLAS Monitoring Center

   CIEA organized a Review Committee consisting of outstanding Japanese associations, societies and councils related to laboratory animal science. We report annual activities at Committee meetings. Based on frank and constructive comments obtained at these meetings, we improve our checking systems to satisfy customers’ needs.